The gallery will consist of pictures of completed projects - some of which may make it as videos on the Youtube channel. They could be small stand alone items, or part of some the larger commissioned projects. the visions social media platforms such as twitter and Instagram are probably the best places to find the most unto date images, but this serves as a good platform for legacy work. I'll be adding new pictures, when I can, adding at the top means regular visitors don't have to scroll down to the bottom each time.

Again an experiment, for my other half, a yarn bowl. Simply a turned wooden bowl, with a slot carved in the side to let the yarn pass through, this first attempt was turned so the inside is vaguely based on a slight hollow form, but I think now that a simple bowl shape will work better with a more gradual slope to the sides. The slot was carved with a multi-tool. the main thing with this bowl is the sanding, anything less than perfectly smooth will snag the yarn, so it took nearly as much time sanding as turning.

These snowflakes started out as an experiment, after watching one of Steve Ramsey's videos, but I ended up being both fun and quick to do, as with any batch operation, it's all about the jigs - less fun is sanding 150 snowflakes, but i ended up setting up a system on the drill press, and got it down to about an hour for sanding all 150!

A REALLY fun project i got asked to do in September 2013 was to build this tree house. Three trees were used for the back legs, and rustic round posts for the front. 

Some of my early turning projects, mostly these were just playing around with scrap wood and logs, before committing to more expensive shavings! Fairly early on i joined a woodturning club, something i would advise everyone of all levels to do. Not just from an exposure point, but also because you can learn and advance at much faster rate than just playing in your shed! The apple knife was a competition entry in the beginners class which actually got first place ( i think about 3 of us entered that month!

I found out about decoupage via my other half, and this piece came about purely by chance, don't be afraid to experiment - but also don't be surprised to find out that others may have thought of it before you :-)

I went through a phase of scroll sawing, these gifts were taken from plans in a scroll sawing book, a great source of ideas. The Bunny was made by my very talented other half, if you're inspired by colour in a project, just checkout and like the Facebook page!

This clock is made from sycamore, it was a commissioned piece and all the numbers are hand carved (it's the first hand carving, and mostly likely the LAST, I think I'll do). I have great respect for carvers!!

Another commission, Oak veneered MDF, for a friend and guy I used to work with, within 6 hours of having delivered it the 18 month old girl had drawn on it :-) it was left as a lifelong reminder.

The Steve Ramsey wooden tie! I made this for an uncles Christmas present - to go with his wooden belt. Thanks Steve, got got me out of a hole that time!

This bed was made from watching an episode of "The Salvager" with Rico Daniels. I had lots of old rotten fence posts from a huge fencing contract at the time, and got the scaffold boards from a friend. Also I'd just moved house and had got sick of sleeping on the floor!

A plant-pot/potting stand made for a lovely lady, and regular customer. The cat also approved!

It bugs me seeing old garden furniture sitting their rotting away, this bench is actually made from Teak, and had not been looked after very well. A few, (LOTS actually), hours of sanding and 4 coats of linseed oil and it was reborn!

 I also do plastering, gypsum and traditional Lime work. My other half decided to replace a 70's gas fire with wood burner (No idea where she gets her fuel from :-) ), so I had the job of re-doing the fireplace, We just HAD to have a nice oak mantle!
This project was great! I was asked to remake a casement for an wooden window, you can see how bad it had got, just like the bench, timber needs a little love every once in a while.

Another restoration project, I got asked to look at some "cracked plaster". All new plastering with slaked lime putty and horse hair.

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