About Me

Well I guess I should introduce myself to you all!

Hello! I'm Richard (Rick to many),

I've always had a passion for building things with my hands, but after too many years of education and employment that I'd care to mention, in various industries I became dissatisfied with lining other peoples pockets. Sure a "regular pay check" means stability and all that; but in today's world where there is no such thing as a job for life, it really only seems like short-term security to me. So after a rather unexpected life change I decided to do what I love doing, for myself!

I have a background in Aerospace engineering, and have always loved making things, sitting at a desk is vial in my opinion, get up and do something!

I have a modest workshop, and small woodturning room where I undertake small commissions and property maintenance. Each job regardless of  how small gets the same attention to detail you would expect from someone who not only takes pride in what they do, but enjoys it too!

I have been my own boss now since 2008, until 2012 this meant working alongside those 'other things' I had to do between the hours of 9 and 5.

I will be posting projects and links on the site, so you can see whats in the pipeline, and how things are doing. Don't forget to check out the other internet haunts to like, Facebook, Instagram and twitter; I'm generally around, and post far more often.

I hope you enjoy, feel free to comment, and become part of this maker's haven.

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