Thursday, 23 April 2015

Adding a Youtube subscribe function to your social media accounts: linking your social media from youtube, and back again.

Most of use are on social media, and lots of us share the links from our various accounts, cross site to try and increase followers on various sites, but Youtube has been the one social media site that I left behind a little.

If like me you know the URL of your social media sites so well you can just type them out without thinking about it, you'll probably already know this , but here goes:

Your youtube channel URL link is:
Mine is:
It's pretty easy to remember, you don't always seem to need the "/user" bit either! Now adding this code as a link on your favourite social media site, will allow this people who see and click it to go straight to your channel, but if we follow it up slightly with the code "sub_confirmation=1" It'll take the clicker to a page that asked to confirm subscription to your channel.

All you need to do is copy this text, paste it to your various social media bios and forget about it.

Now I'm not claiming your subscriber numbers will rack up faster than the interest on a third world nation's debt tally, but at least it's one thing extra to help you along the way, then you can forget about it!

I hope you find this helpful, I'm no internet/coding/computer/or marketing guru, but they've helped me out, so maybe they'll do the same for you!

May both article about adding a single clickable youtube subscribe button direct to you website or blog can be found here!

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