Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A quick and exclusive peek at the X-Carve in motion

I'll be making more regular posts to the website over the coming weeks and months.
There's a few things I want to try and clean up and organise. One of these is the way things are listed in sections. Until then Here's a sneak peek at a router jig I'm trying out being CNC'd out on the X-Carve:

It's unlisted on my channel, and there'll be more about this and what it's for in future public videos. But once again, I'm trying something a little different - So please bare with, and enjoy for now (you'll want the sound on! :-)

And don't forget to subscribe if you've not already!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Crime DOES pay, if you're a dummy working for a 100 year old family business.

So If like me you grown up in the Cambridge area, you will be familiar with the name "Mackays of Cambridge" there's been a store on this site since 1912 and it's been in the same family since day one.

1912. Image Courtesy of Mackays of Cambridge Ltd.
During it's time it's had connections to Dr Stephen Hawkins and various departments from the University of Cambridge, as a whole. As a specialist Engineering company and Ironmongers, Mackays has had connections to revolutionary spiral staircase design, Radio telescopes and 'Special projects' requested by people in suits during the war years.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

New Kitchen: New services

I'm assuming you've read the first part of the kitchen make over, if not you can find it HERE.

So with the delivery date set, the first half of the room decorated, it was time to remove the old kitchen. I decided to leave it as late as possible before the delivery so we had a cooker and sink up to the last possible day. Even though I knew there was likely to be a lot of work to do on the walls behind the old units.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Renovating Handtools, spokeshaves actually, but mainly because it keeps the rust off!

So It's been a bit of a fragmented week, with lots of little bits to get on with.

I was rummaging through the drawer of my workbench looking for something when i notice there was surface rust forming on the three spokeshaves. It really surprised me as they were only sharpened and oiled a couple of months ago. Because of this I got the hump and decided to do something a little more permanent about it.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Adding a Youtube subscribe function to your social media accounts: linking your social media from youtube, and back again.

Most of use are on social media, and lots of us share the links from our various accounts, cross site to try and increase followers on various sites, but Youtube has been the one social media site that I left behind a little.

If like me you know the URL of your social media sites so well you can just type them out without thinking about it, you'll probably already know this , but here goes:

Your youtube channel URL link is:

Adding a clickable subscribe button to your blog or website: linking the two in both directions!

If you have a youtube channel, you're likely thinking of ways to increase your subscriber base. I don't pretend to have a huge following in my area, some 6500 or so [at the time of writing this]. Either way, lets not get hung up on numbers and move to he meat of it.

Google have a widget available for websites and blogs which allows visitors to the sites to click the subscribe button, and subscribe directly to your channel.

NOTE! Although it works, I'm going to assume that the visitor requires to be already logged into their google account already for this to work seamlessly, but most of us already have this on our machines, for the most part at least. You might want to explore this a little deeper, but once it's up and working, it should catch a few people - for the time it takes to implement, you might as well do it!

So how to do it?

Saw Horses: An old and undervalued asset, so I adapted them to suit a more up to date working approach on site.

I actually have 4 different pairs of saw horses, two flat folding types, and now two fold 'up' types.

I use the flat folding types mostly around the workshop, they take up a small amount of space in the workshop and although I don't have much room, they are quite easily tucked away for outside use.

My main pair are the Stanley ones - I actually wrote about these a while back because I had problems with them, and, well you can read the article here...

Assuming you've read the original article, I started to look around for a replacement set of saw horses, I could easily have simply bought a new replacement pair, or even repaired the old ones - which is still possible as I kept the broken parts.

I stumbled on these on the Piher Website, I've been using their clamps for nearly a year now, and have been really pleased with their stuff, and service so I decided to take a punt on them.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New Kitchen: A little more complex than stripping wall paper and painting!

So a new kitchen has been on the cards for so long, I can't even begin to think just quite HOW long!

I'm a little more practical about these things: units, electrics, plumbing, appliances, worktop, tiles, paint DONE.

In my head I was all planed, but the lady with the plan was still loosing sleep over which door handles to have! Luckily, for me, the kitchen area is split into two sides, so while the finer points were being thought about on one side, I could get to work on the other.

It turned out that the lead time for delivery of the kitchen would be around a month, Giving me plenty of time to finish other work and also make a start on the dining side.

Monday, 9 February 2015

A good job made great by the smallest details - The plus side of having an extensive range available for overnight shipping

During the middle of January, I had a call from a friend of mine who is a plumber.  He was in need of some carpentry work at a job he was working, and didn't have the time to refit the three bathrooms as well....

One task was to build a door to cover this newly found spot under the stairs - This often happens in newer houses and conversions as the plan shows the stairs taking up the whole area, and no one thinks to use it as storage. It needed trimming out around the edges and some kind of door to fill the void.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Better cuts from a Cordless Skill saw: Making a DIY removable UHMW Zero clearance Sole.

You may have seen the article on the guide track I made this week, if not I highly recommend taking a look as it'll make for a really good upgrade to your processing of sheet goods, and speed things along nicely!

In the future I'd like to upgrade it still further and build another completely from UHMW (Polyethylene), but when i did this I only had a small piece, so here's what I did, and how.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Improving speed and accuracy of the circular saw: The DIY Track saw upgrade!

I'd love to get my hands on a proper track saw, and it's on my list of eventual upgrades for the future, but currently it's just not feasible.

Last week I was working on a project for a customer to create some more seating in a pets that's due to open in February. I made the seating for their vets practice next door, and they asked me back to make the same style in the spa.

It's always much easier running the saw along a guide if you want a perfect cut.