Sunday, 30 November 2014

Van Modification - Organisation and storage is key

Although I'm really not a "Tool Snob", I am however,a bit OCD when I comes to putting tools away and keeping them tidy and organised, and EVEN more so when it comes to making use of the space available in my small van.

The first thing I did when I bought the van was put a false floor in made from 9mm Plywood. This sits on five timber sections made from 2x11/2 treated timbers. Two run left to right, as seen in the picture. The other three run front to back.
This creates three large opening under the sub floor, which can be accessed from the doors. It was always my intention to put large slide-out drawers in there too. But lets just say it's still the plan ;-)

The shelving, was made from the same plywood.

Having the sub floor makes perfect sense, It basically doubles the amount of storage capacity for tools, or allows materials in and out simply without needing to repack kit all the time.

There is, of course a compromise in terms of height. Rarely though has this ever been a problem - In fact, until now it was never a problem!

So the arrangement I use is great for organisation, and storage to and from a job, but it still leaves me with several trips back and fourth with tools once I get to where I need to be....

To help with this I decided to get one of the Festool SYS-Roll trolleys. Recently I've upgraded several tools to festool's (more on that later), and it made perfect sense to get a few Systainer boxes to keep things in and load them all on the trolley.