Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Under pressure: "New" kid on the block, putting the pressure on your first choice of clamp brand.

I don't exactly have companies and products camped outside my workshop, but once in a while I am contacted by either telephone or Email. About a month ago I was emailed by a company that make Power tools and asked would I like a shiny new Chop saw to review, quickly followed up by "we're asking a few people, and the best one we pick would be sent something each month free, to review". Whilst I have no problem with this Brand (actually I own one of theirs already), They got the same answer as everyone gets.
I have no problem with reviewing peoples products in principle, but the same rule applies to all. You get my opinion, and it will be honest, constructive, and based solely on what I find. Warts and all. I see no point in bigging up a product to something it's not, as any and all credibility is gone in a breath. Better to turn them away and miss an opportunity with reputation intact. It's just not worth it, at least that's my opinion. I haven't heardchop saw. back about the 
Selection of Piher clamps resting after a week of use and abuse.