Friday, 28 March 2014

Some router jigs have a hidden use: The Trend adjustable lock jig, a Review

This is another new Jig from trend, Specifically for setting locks and latches into doors, I bought their older model a few years back when I had a contract with a letting agents in Newmarket, Suffolk. I prefer to use a router, as it means the mortice is square to the door, and no way to swerve a spade fit out the face of a thin door, plus it ensures the parts are square, and that makes it easier to fit the handles.
It's also a quicker and neater job too.


Thursday, 27 March 2014

An honest review from a skeptical mind.: The New Skeleton Hinge Jig From Trend

Ok, so I've sat here for twenty minutes, trying to think of a whitty and amusing introduction to this article, but I can't and so I'll simply just Dive-in!

I've been using trend products for as long I've been woodworking, pretty much, I try to buy the best quality bits of kit, that I can afford, and was introduced to Trend by a neighbor who was a carpenter.

I've bought a few of their jigs, some cutters, and routers. If you've seen any of my router videos on YouTube, you will no doubt have seen many of their products in use.

I'm normally, if perfectly honest, "buy-in" to many internet reviews. With comments and thoughts like "just say it's great so they send you more stuff", or "well of course you're going to say it's great, you're being paid to".