Saturday, 15 February 2014

Water tight reason to get water tight!

So it's been ages since the last post, I'm guessing some of you, well those not following along on the Facebook page at least, will be wondering what's up, and been happening?

Last time I was talking about getting up and looking at the roof, sorting out the leaks, and getting everything water tight. This has now happened, and is all sealed up.

I didn't go to all the fuss of hacking off the render, and re-flashing with lead, as the plan is to change the structure at some point in the not so distant future, so I opted for simply painting on bitumin roof sealer, and using the stick on lead flashing. Prior to this I ran a good bead of flexible sealant into the old joint.

Having now been a month since I did this, I'm happy that it'll last as long as the rest of the structure, there's been several very heavy downpours, and touch wood it's all good, also the few spots around the aluminium, (note the second "i") ;-) supports were looked closely at and attended to during a particularly heavy down pour to mark the weak spots, for repair once dry.

In short the shop is now, fingers crossed all ready for the next phase. I've been thinking about the insulation aspect - not exactly high! I love the natural light, and hate the extremes of hot and cold.

Not being prepared to shell out lots on insulation and ply I simply left it at that......

Until I found I actually had a couple of sheets of polystyrene floor insulation left over from another build, and set to putting into the walls...

The sheets started out 8'X4', but they needed to be cut down for transport away from the site. Just popping them in the space between the "studs" would have been fine, but in the thin strips, with bad joins, it simply looks awful. Even If I cover that on the inside, it still looks bad from out side. So simply, just in the roof space it is. the walls will remain open, and to be perfectly honest, I'm happy about it, as there was likely to be a issue of no light!

So now the weather is being held at bay once more, it's time to turn my attention to inside. I've been playing around with the idea of moving the table saw around. for the last couple of months and making a new table saw stand. The current one is a Workmate, and being completely open the dust is starting to annoy me. This will be my next shop project video. although there are a couple of review articles and videos in the pipeline, so make sure you keep an eye out for those!

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