Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lost in the web, Places I found myself, and great things I discovered

So recently the veterinary surgery has been been keeping me occupied, with stud walls, window seats, and doors to hang (more on hanging doors soon!)
I'd been wanting to get my teeth into making this new table saw stand, and pillar drill stand, but by the time I've gotten back, it's been nearly dark, so no point doing anything, let alone videoing.

Add to that the cold, and it's not much of a great recipe for woodworking projects, so I've had to make do with watching other peoples stuff. Here's a few things I've stumbled into on my travels. around the international worldwide interweb.

Firstly one from Jay Bates, I first met him on Keek, what he doesn't know about sketchUp seems not important enough to learn, he's a really great guy who's happy to bend over backwards to help.(I asked him about WordPress last year, and he put together a 20 minute YouTube video, uploaded it all before rushing off for a shift at work, within a couple of hours - despite a 6 hour timezone difference!) Anyways, I really like his latest video for storing saw blades!

The second one is from a guy called Simon Heslop, I had never heard of him before, but he has several interesting looking videos, including one about making a medieval Norman helmet. Anyway this video is him making his oscillating spindle sander, I should really say engineering his sander, as the thought, detail and machine skills he's put into it are really cool. tilting table, inserts, dust extraction etc. Very well built, and thought out. With plans available as well!
I really wanted to link to this video, but for some reason YouTube can't link it like the other one, but click this to watch it!! Damn computers! :-/

Also there's this nice video from Frank Howarth. I'm in no doubt that if you're reading this you've seen his videos, his shop is to die for, and his skills with stop motion would leave you speechless. Not to mention his skill on the lathe. But also the way he involves his children in projects, the boat video from a while back was great, and I hope my daughter will show similar enthusiasm soon for woodworking - at 6 her attention span is not quite geared towards woodworking just yet. But the simplicity of this cat table is great. and well worth 5 minutes of your time!

John Heisz always seems to come up trumps with his projects, and here's a couple that don't disappoint, in the first video he shows just how easy it is to make a marking gauge - that's a few quid saved straight off the bat!
And here's my favorite of all these, I can't recall just how many times I've scratched about on site looking for something "about the right size" to draw round to radius off a corner. I'll be making one of these to keep in my tool bag from now on! VERY HANDY!

hope you enjoyed these as much as me. don't forget to check out my own channel on Youtube!

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