Thursday, 2 January 2014

New year, New jobs, for the workshop, Projects to do before projects can begin

So 2013 saw the opening of the workshop doors to the world. Starting in around March, I joined Keek, after watching a Mere Minutes videos of Steve's. using it merely as a voyeurs tool for the first few months, it wasn't really until the end of spring before I started using it as a communication device. Making new friends around the world, and being more involved in the community I decided at the end of May to start up my YouTube channel.

The previous year, 2012, saw HUGE changes for both myself and the workshop, basically moving everything and restarting and setting up in a new location, about 1/5 the original size.

I owe a huge debt to friends, in particular my other half. She is with out doubt my rock, and I am thankful each day to her.

For those of you who have seen any of my videos, I truly hope you enjoy them as much as i do making them - sounds like a cliche, but REALLY, if i didn't' enjoy doing them, I simply wouldn't :-)

Here's a couple of my favorites from last year:

making this simple candy try was the finale of the Router 101 series, using a few of the techniques and jigs I made during the episodes.

Possibly the most successful video of the year, Funnily for me, it was shot after a viewer commented on a previous video having seen it being used, and asked for the video.

So what will 2014 bring? Well to be perfectly honest, I have no idea! :-)
There are several things I really want to get on with and do, both in terms of  shop jobs and also projects.

The first of these is sort out the roof!, As you probably know, I work from what is basically a conservatory, a glass room. 
Now, as I said earlier, I'm thankful to have it at all, a space to work is vital for any or us, so I'll not be so ungrateful as to moan about the fact it's over 50 degrees C in the summer, freezing in the winter, and has no lights for after the sun falls behind the horizon, and there is zero wall space to hang things from. Even my dream workshop will have points i want to change, So simply put It's my space, I love it and I enjoy every minute I'm lucky enough to spend in there!
That said there is an issue I need to sort out before the rain really sets in in the coming weeks. I put these sheets up in the summer to provide a little shade, and stop glare when filming. you can clearly see from the photo that there is some water getting in, so the first job this year, before I get truely stuck in this year is to seal the leak spots.

The conservatory was put up by a previous owner of the property. It was, I believe second hand at the time, and wasn't that well erected then. The clear roof seems to  have basically been glued in using silcone, and over time the sun has got to it, and there are spots that were missed.

I knew there was a leak last year, but it hadn't been a problem as i was still in the process of setting up. This year however the point at which the water gets in is directly above the router table, so it really must be solved. As such it's the top of the list of things to do.

There are of course other things to look forward to, once the leaks are sorted, i want to do an Oak night stand - the timber for which was  purchased around 2 years ago!
 there's  a tilting top table to make, which will have a mosaic tiled top, and will, (hopefully), live in front of the fire during the summer months when not in use.

The last project i really want to get my teeth into at some point, and to be honest may not even get off the ground, is to build a pool/snooker table for my VIP. it's still firmly in the idea stage, and sizes, materials and the like still need to be looked into. More over, I have NO IDEA how these things are made, particularly the cushions, how are snooker cushions mad so the balls bounce so nicely?

The main workshop project, after the roof, is likely to be a new table saw stand, maybe with teh addition of a dual out-feed/down draft table. Currently the saw sits on a workmate, and the dust is bad, so hopefully it'll help keep the place a little cleaner as well.

Thanks for reading, I welcome comments, and ideas.

Happy new year to all of you, and stay safe in the shop!

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