Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014, a wet, dusty and structural start: Sometimes it's best to step back and get some experience on the job!

I've already written about a little on the leaky workshop roof......and the last thing I want to do is start to sound like a broken record, so all I'll say now is last night we had A LOT of wind and rain, so this morning I discovered that I'll be making, (at the very least), a new fence for the pillar drill table! I also now have 5L of Bitumin paint and some lead flashing! More on this very soon.

This goes someway to explaining the sprinkler system currently functioning in the workshop! ;-)

Today I started on a fireplace removal, 10 years ago the fireplace was removed and blocked up. I now need to open up the hole again and have it ready for a log burner to be fitted later next month.

The company that are fitting the new log burner are ACE, and Marek the fitter, is even better. Last year he came and fitted one for my better half after I removed the old gas one, opened up the hole and did the surround as it is now.

originally there was a gas fire, that didn't work here. Marek has done 100's of these and he did his site visit, and we talked about what needed to be done, This was a simple exercise as there is a metal lintel holding up the soldier course just below the oak beam. Today was a little more complicated....

So you can pretty much see the opening left for the coal fire, we think this is from around the 1950's as it was an old tiled surround. it was blocked up with two blocks, then "Dot 'N' Dabbed with plasterboard by the owners.
 I started rather gingerly, taking off the plasterboard to see what was what, having removed the two blocks it's clear there is still a lot of brickwork to remove, but i couldn't find a lintel!!! I was expecting it to be a course or two above the smoke stains. It was time to stop!

I called Marek, who was installing a chimney flue in a house some 15miles up the road. explained the situation, and asked if he was able to take a look now we could see a bit more. Calling me around 4pm, we met up to have a chat - he's the one with the experience, so no point just charging in.

he took one look at what I'd done and said, "there'll be an arch about here", pointing just above where i had taken the plaster off! Feeling a little embarrassed we talked about the possibility of there being no lintel, and was it something he could do.

I always stay clear of  structural stuff. better to get the experienced boys for that sort of stuff. I'm happy to turn around and say it's not for me to do. Better that than, we you gt the idea! :-0

Anyway I took off the plaster as you see it above...No Lintel, and they are coming over tomorrow to put one in for me.

I'll keep you posted on how things go, I'll put a short video up on my second YouTube channel, so don't forget to subscribe so you can see how it's all going.....Once the lintel is in I can get on with taking out the rest of the bricks... and installing the mantle piece.

See you soon!

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